Summits on the Air Expeditions in Korea

진짜 DUD! 20100826 field trip to JB-192 Yonghwasan

Maybe I can get by by simply calling this Thursday morning outing to Yonghwasan a “scouting expedition” or something, but that might not be possible to cover up since the big antenna was carried up the hill (and it wasn’t even me who did it!). So there were witnesses, too. Yep, Yu-mi and Ji-hun came out with me, after hearing about SOTA for months (they actually gave their proofreading services when the Korean ARM was being made in the spring).

So, the weather started out OK enough (and it was supposed to be), however, not sooner than when I had fully assembled and mounted the yagi, did we hear the first clap of thunder. Thanks, Murphy! Not wanting any activator 튀김 I promptly broke it down, and tried to make some last minute HT contacts. Didn’t get a single one. We started to head down, it started to rain. No problem (that’s why the gear is in waterproof bags). About 1km away from the parking lot (on a 3km trail) it really started to come down in buckets. We all got thouroughly soaked, but had fun, just the same.

Of course, the minute we got into our cars, the rain stopped (and there wasn’t another drop for the rest of the day).

Eh, next time, then!

Here’s the view of Mireuksan from the helipad on Yonghwasan.

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