Summits on the Air Expeditions in Korea

20100425 JB-201 함라산 Expedition

I decided to take a break from databasing this Sunday and go out for an investigative walk on a hill I’ve never been on before to collect some information. Hamnasan is a longish mountain that is part of a longer piece of stone running along an approximately north-south axis to the west of Iksan. The Geum River runs parallel to it, and as a matter of fact, further upstream, it has managed to cut its way through this rock. The linear trail forms the “Iksan Circumferential Road” because of its length along the ridgeline. In English, it’s not such a romantic name as “익산둘레길,” but that doesn’t stop it from being a pleasant walk.

This particular morning that I went, sun was already beating through the leafless trees, producing a dry warmth and baking the pine needles at the same time to create nice wafting drafts of pine scent. As up here the cherry trees were still blossoming, it was an interesting experience to pass under any cherry tree and almost feel a throbbing in the air–from the swarms of bees in the trees! It’s at a lower frequency than the locusts, but just as strong! At the actual recognized summit of Hamnasan at 241m, there are two _very_ large cherry trees not far from the helipad, and from the vibration in the air it almost felt as if there could be a helicopter landing, it was so impressive!

The linear 익산둘레길 is traversed by miscelleneous other trails, notably at 숭림사 temple, giving access to the trail, another access at the Yul pass (율재) where the 723 passes over (through). I say through, because recently (about 5 or 6 years ago), construction was completed on the 숭림사 생태통로 which is actually a “wildlife bridge” built over the 723 (they tunnelized the road at that point) to allow wildlife to pass safely over the carroserie. This is a main point of access to the trail, as convenient parking was built at this site at the same time, also there is a bus from Iksan that stops here a few times a day (it’s a good hour’s ride from the university on that bus, whereas by car about 25 minutes, or even under an hour by bike from the edge of town).

Another point where the main trail is crossed is at another pass, giving a wide, well groomed trail descending in both directions down the mountain, towards the Geum River to the west and east downwards to Hamna-myeon village.

After that, the trail continues southward to Bonghwasan, at 236.3m it lies within the Activation Zone of Hamnasan.


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